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At University TMS in Tuscaloosa, AL, our mission is to provide a safe and effective treatment alternative for many brain conditions. With both psychiatry and neurology involved in your treatment, your brain is covered!

Timothy Prestley MD

Tim Prestley, MD is a graduate of UAB School of Medicine and UAB Neurology Residency Program. He has over 10 years of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of all aspects of neurological disorders both in the hospital and outpatient setting.  He is the founder and director of University TMS where he uses Brainsway deep TMS technology to provide an innovative FDA indicated treatment for depression and OCD.


Additionally, he uses deep TMS therapy for off label treatment for memory disorders, stroke recovery, PTSD, tremor, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, insomnia, and generalized anxiety disorder. 


In addition to his TMS practice, Dr. Prestley has practice and research interests in head and neck pain syndromes, traumatic brain injury/concussion, stroke, dementia, and the complex neuro-psychiatric symptoms associated with these disorders. Dr. Prestley serves as a partner at Alabama Neurology and Sleep Medicine and oversees a busy inpatient neurology consultation service at Northport Medical Center. He has previously served as co-director of inpatient neurology services at DCH RMC and adjunct faculty at the University of Alabama School of Medicine Tuscaloosa campus.


He is a native of Pumpkin Center, AL.  He and his wife, Danielle, have 4 children. When away from the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and is involved with his church at FBC Tuscaloosa.

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